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Outerbanks, a place worth seeing

During the trial of the Honda Goldwing, I decided to hit the road a little in order to fully test the motorcycle. I ended up in a part of North Carolina called the Outerbanks.   First of all, you have to know that this land strip, sometimes just a few meters wide, is filled with small towns and they all have a beautiful history. Nearly 300 years ago, it is in these waters that sank the ship of the famous pirate, Black Beard.   In fact, there have been so many shipwrecks Read more [...]

The Incredible Harley-Davidson Experience

** WARNING, this article contains scenes that may not be suitable for non-riders!** Last year, I wrote an article on the Harley-Davidson Renting Program. This year, I wanted to know if the standards were the same everywhere! So I bought a plane ticket, direction San Francisco. After some hard thinking, I decided to rent a bike from Dudley Perkins, one of the oldest Harley-Davidson dealers in the United States. Please note that we can make a reservation from the company’s website, accessible Read more [...]

Adding accessories in a safe way on your motorcycle

Since it was invented, people have always wanted to personalize their motorcycle (bike) and this for many reasons; the esthetics, the performance, etc. But keep in mind that the more accessories you install on your bike, (auxiliary lights, heating gadgets, GPS, radio, etc), the higher is the demand on energy on your battery. You may even exceed the energy your bike can produce. While doing some research I stumbled unto a little gadget that is able to efficiently manage of all our accessories Read more [...]

It dosen’t take a genius!

Not enough light? Not enough visibility or you simply want to see what happens in front of your wheels at night? Stéphane present you the auxiliary light Denali D4 and D2


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